Are you ready for some true peace?

Family, work and the pressures of life in general have caused unbearable pain for so many of us. We have been moving closer to the edge of a cliff unsure where to turn. All we know is that we need some relief.

  • Have you been distracting yourself with bad habits?
  • Are you feeling stressed, lonely, tired or trapped?
  • Are you tired of being numb to the joys in life?
  • Would you like to start living again?

The ways you found to escape your life aren’t helping you move forward. They are merely a temporary distraction. The escape from your troubles can be a nice change at first. The problems you have will still be there when you get out of the casino. Unfortunately the escape can create an addiction that multiplies your problems.

If your gambling is causing you more pain than pleasure you have found the right place.

When my gambling addiction was at its worst I learned that the help of supportive people was priceless to my recovery. Having someone believe in me and my ability to do better meant the world to me. In my tender state I vowed that when I was stronger I would hold my hand out to support those who were ready. I have come a long way since then!

I am passionate about helping gamblers live better lives.

Through my struggles with gambling I learned many things about life that YOU will benefit from. I share with you because I believe that we are in this together. I continually hear that my story takes the words right out of my reader’s mouths. Most importantly, I offer shame free understanding of where you are RIGHT NOW! I know what it feels like to be called a degenerate gambler. I remember what it was like for my friends to be so nonchalant about what I should do. They didn’t get it. I understand the pain of the loss after a jackpot and still walking out of the casino with my credit card limits maxed out.

I believe that you have the power to choose where you want your life to go.

I would bet that it probably doesn’t feel like you have much control of anything right now. Gambling is a detour that clouds your vision. It hides the truth with the temporary escape. Gambling gave me something “worth while” to worry about. My faulty thinking told me that the stupid stuff in my life shouldn’t have been bothering me.

Together we find the lies and move toward the truth and your freedom.

You will find a better place. You are precious and you deserve better. Gambling hides that from you. It’s time to live your life with feeling again! I am passionate about encouraging your growth and helping you live the life you desire. I know you can do it. Challenging times provide you a wonderful and unique opportunity to live a Bigger life!

Even the best of the best have coaches to guide them.

Coaching with me helps you take a look around that cliff…and often times can show you that a small step one way or the other will make a big difference! I have experience with an outpatient program, GA, cold turkey and a variety of recovery methods. Each person is different and there is no one cure fits all.

Choose to be Numb No More!