Work With Me

Why do you need me as your life coach?

Because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I help gamblers live better lives.

Ours is a relationship that exists to help you achieve what you want – whatever that is for you.

You will be individually assessed to provide the fitting path for you. There are varying degrees of gambling issues. Social games for Facebook also have become increasingly troublesome. You don’t necessarily have to quit to be coached. You will be guided along a progression of growth and learning. Change will only be effective when you are ready.

As your couch I provide accountability. You probably just need a nudge to get you back on track. You will have a productive, friendly and positive environment to help you thrive. Failure is not an option. We look at where you are now in life and what to do to change it. You will learn to stop running and start living!

Some of the benefits will be:

  • Individual support and encouragement
  • A nurturing environment so you can move forward courageously – judgment and negativity don’t exist here
  • I listen between the lines and ask thought provoking questions to provide Clarity
  • Goal creation and attainment while providing firm and positive guidance

What happens in a session?

I take pride in providing a casual, comfortable environment for growth. You will probably experience laughter and lots of aha moments. In a session we uncover your own answers through listening, powerful questioning and creating actions to propel you forward. We focus on where you are NOW.

Coaching is affordable.

Greater success comes from less talking and more action. This isn’t therapy. I am direct and to the point so I won’t waste your time or your money. I have also found that for gamblers a tip based payment system works the best. Whether we have contact through email, text messaging, skype or phone you are free to choose the value. As a general rule I like to base it on the amount of money you have saved from skipping a trip to the casino. It’s far better to use your money for something positive rather than chasing your losses.

Do you have any questions?

It IS time for change. Invest in living a better life. You deserve it!